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The role of Acupuncture for sufferers of lower back or neck pain


An independent research paper written by Dr. Khoi Luong discusses his personal opinions of results he discovered after 20 years of treating patients with lower back and neck pain and the correlation to bone density issues.


Dr. Khoi Luong

April, 2022

Introduction to the Research Paper written by Dr. Khoi Luong

Completing my studies in 2001 at Victoria University, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science (honours) in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since graduating, I have been practicing in two Melbourne clinics.


The majority of those I have treated {around 90%} over the last 20 years have been patients seeking relief of neck or back pain, primarily associated with bone deficiency.


Most of my patients had pain on the shoulder plate, elbow, wrist, and sciatica. This led me to begin my independent research paper that looks at the relationship between bone deficiency and lower back and neck pain and the role of Acupuncture. I completed a series of pragmatic trials with the results collected over the last two decades and included clinical and social objectives for evidence of:


  • The Value of Diagnosis 

  • The Value of Effectiveness

  • The Value of Prognosis

  • The Value of Safety

  • The Economic Value



The trial specifics

In total, there were 385 participants involved in my experiment. 300 were female, 85 males and ages ranged from 20 to 40 years. I then divided the participants into a further two groups: 


  1. Patients that visited less than three times

  2. Patients that visited more than three times


The tests were conducted at two clinical locations across Melbourne, Footscray Medical Clinic and Victoria and Hampshire Road Medical Centre.

Each participant was offered the same TCM style of treatment - diagnoses, treatment principles, and point selection.

The results

This study was conducted by myself, utilising my personal independently gathered research, and not part of any official university conducted trial. Acupuncture trials, especially independently conducted, can differ in the degree of individualisation of care permitted. I stress that my reporting should acknowledge this.


My purpose for the study stemmed from the relationship {i believe exists} between neck, shoulder, and back pain and the decrease in bone density. I think my research supports this connection and that tailored TCM treatment can help to improve bone density, increase bone growth, and provide lower back, neck, and shoulder pain relief.


 Dr. Khoi Luong

After graduating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Honour degree. I always embraced how to emerge Western analytical tools and applied the comprehensive great potentials Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to bridging the gap between the two worlds. From that concept, I often incorporated TCM into diagnose of modern medicine. Then

I successfully developed the treatment of sinusitis, haemorrhoid, hemiplegia etc…and “Lower back, neck pain due to bone deficiency”. 

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