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The niggling doubt: airborne & invisible clinic threats


As TCM practitioners, we are all familiar with diverse Professional Issues ranging from financial considerations to mental  health concerns. 


Sue Nelson

November, 2020

As TCM practitioners, we are all familiar with diverse Professional Issues ranging from financial considerations to mental health concerns. But what if the new and emerging issues that are sneaking up on us so quickly, we can scarcely keep up?


My 1st Net of Knowledge webinar series - available at China Books Education - is entitled Safeguard Your Clinic Workspace. It will introduce you to Airborne and Invisible threats that may not yet have registered on your health and safety radars. But all 3 topics are likely to affect you every day of your clinic lives, and each topic requires an urgent mitigation action plan.


Course 1: Moxa Smoke Inhalation (1 hour)


Moxa smoke inhalation is not a new issue, being one of the oldest and most respected modalities in TCM practice worldwide. But our awareness of the carcinogenic nature of all smoke particulates – whether it be from tobacco smoke, church incense, or Moxibustion – is relatively new! As recently as 1986, second-hand smoke was declared a Group 1 Carcinogen by the World Health Organisation.


The question is: If tobacco smoking is now banned in public places, due to the dangers of second-hand smoke, why then is it acceptable for practitioners to submit themselves and others to the second-hand smoke of Moxibustion in closed up 
clinic rooms?


This issue is explored thoroughly in my first webinar, where I give you several categories of contemporary research and a precautionary plan to follow. Whatever you decide regarding Moxibustion or its modern thermal substitutes, you need to have an awareness of how to protect yourself and your clinic workspace.



Course 2: M.I.T. Lung and Skin Allergen (1 hour)


The second topic in my series looks at Methyl-Iso-Thiazolinone (MIT), a potent Lung and Skin Allergen contained in the water preservative of everyday clinic items ranging from wall paint to liquid handwash. Few practitioners would be aware of this Allergenic preservative considering its use is only recent, added first to industrial products in 2001, and then included in a range of personal grooming and household products in 2005.


Now it is everywhere! It’s in a multitude of both Rinse-off and Leave-on products for adults and babies alike. MIT is used in many countries, with a wide range of different legislative standards. And unfortunately, epidemiological research has shown that the airborne fumes of MIT are highly toxic, certainly toxic enough to result in many cases of serious Lung damage and recurring Contact Dermatitis.  


Course 3: EMF Radiation (2 hours)


The third topic in my webinar series looks at the controversial subject of Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) Radiation emanating from all ‘wireless’ sources in your clinic and the vicinity. My comprehensive 2-hour webinar gives you the historical perspective of why EMF ‘safety’ standards vary by 1000% in different countries! It clarifies both the THERMAL and NON-THERMAL mechanisms for health injury, switched on from exposure to EMF Radiation in everyday clinic devices. The NON-THERMAL cellular effects - only recently highlighted in articles researching low-level EMF Radiation - will both surprise you and alarm you!


And very importantly, my webinar warns of the astounding lack of insurance – anywhere in the world - for all present or future ‘Wi-Fi Injury’ claims! This webinar sounds the alarm for the discerning TCM clinic practitioner to instigate some timely mitigation precautions and educate their patients to do the same.


As a long-term TCM practitioner - almost 4 decades - I take all 3 topics seriously in my own clinic practice, especially in cumulative exposure. I’m very keen to share my knowledge with you so that you can make up your own minds about these 21st-century health and safety issues. TCM practitioners have never been shy of swimming against the tide of mainstream opinion. Here’s your chance to pioneer your own mitigation strategies and be true leaders in the health industry!

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Sue Nelson

Since her Traditional Chinese Medicine training in the 1980s, Sue Nelson has ‘worn many hats’ in the multiple roles of Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Curriculum writer, Teacher and passionate Researcher. Sue has been in continuous clinical practice in the rural Noosa hinterland for over 3 decades, with interests as diverse as cell detoxification and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

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